Business Activity Statements

GST is one of the most complex taxes in business. We can help you so that you don’t inadvertently overpay or underpay your GST.

If you are undertaking a new project then we can help you ensure that you avoid GST pitfalls. We can work with you from the start to ensure that the project is implemented in the most GST efficient manner.

Property development is a notoriously complex area for GST purposes. We help you understand the different options that might apply to your transaction. It’s an area where our specialist advice and support is proving valuable to clients.

We understand that whatever the size of your business there are GST issues requiring guidance. You might for example have a major contract that needs to be signed or you may need help in submitting your Business Activity Statement. Regardless of need, we are available to answer your queries and provide specialist advice that cuts through the complexity.

We provide an efficient cost effective GST service, which includes:

  • Help with ABN and GST registration
  • Use of the most appropriate method for your business model
  • Completing Business Activity Statements
  • GST control and reconciliation

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